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Saturday, July 18, 2009

GARY LIMOUSINE: Voted "Best of Miami Beach 2011" by the United States Commerce Association. Gary Limo is a product of 2nd generation, traditional quality service and hospitality industry family from Moscow, New York and over a decade in Miami Beach. Gary Limo created a "buzz" in the Limousine industry and the Miami Beach community for consistent quality service, exceeding clients expectations, pampering and catering to client's needs. After leaving clients with memorable and pleasant experience, Gary Limo insures their return and acquires a long list of loyal customers. Gary Limo has achieved a unique skill to please most demanding customers and earned a reputation for accommodating most exclusive clients. Gary Limo received numerous awards & commendations from Fortune 500 company’s, Forbes 100 clients, VIP’s, celebrity’s, dignitaries, as well as, US and international Government entities. Additionally, recognized by several prestigious Miami magazines and other publications as a "Miami Night-Life Specialist" and "Miami’s Ultimate Sightseeing Guide".

GARY LIMO SERVICES: full-service limousine, meticulously maintained high-end luxury vehicles, traditionally trained multi-skilled and bi-lingual chauffeurs, expedited admission to best night clubs, top restaurants, Miami beach "hot spots" or special events. Gary Limo can also arrange most of your other needs while you are in Miami. VIP day or evening sightseeing tours of Miami, Star Islands and celebrity homes. Luxury hotel or villa reservations, private executive events or large corporate events, provide corporate support staff or executive assistant, full-service concierge, private chauffeur services or multiple drivers with luxury vehicles, arrange diplomatic transport or police escort, armed security, book yacht or jet charters and more…

With all of our experience, achievements and recognitions, our traditional standards of quality service remains the same: "Extra Service Without Extra Price" See more on www.garylimo.com

FROM OWNER: "I have been in service and hospitality industry, professional entertainment management and specializing in night-life for over a decade. Preserving my family’s "old school" traditional quality service standards and with over fifty (50) years of combined family experience, I have decided to "Re-Write The Book" on service and hospitality industry and created Gary Limousine in Miami Beach, Florida in 2001. I am proud and confident to consistently provide exceptional full-service limousine and world class services to all our clients". "Certain skills and talents can’t just be acquired or inherited, they must be in ones character!"

GARY LIMO FAMILY BIO: After achieving an impeccable service record, my family earned the privilege to cater, host and entertain the elite of Russia during Soviet Union. Growing up in Moscow at that time, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, but certainly a great privilege, incomparable education and experience to be in the company of such extraordinary, talented, kind but strict, full of wisdom and full of life people like my family, decorated heroic grandparents, teachers, friends and colleagues who happen to be actors, film makers, musicians and singers, famous ballet dancers, known athletes and Russian dignitaries." "I had the slightest idea then, that I would be similarly involved in Miami decades later.

Currently, Gary Limousine is considered a pioneer in maintaining and preserving the tradition of true quality service standards in Miami Beach, by providing clients with pleasant and memorable experience and most importantly, insures their return to Miami. Therefore, Gary Limo is considered a valuable contributor to stabilizing the current overall economy in Miami.

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